Land Data Images
Land Data Images: 21st Century Mineral Title Research
Coverage Area Demo

To get the most realistic demonstration, we'll have you actually log in to our site (with a special demonstration user account). With a few exceptions, you will be able to use the site just as if you were a regular user. Because of that, the speed of the site will be the same once you're a registered user. Also, the quality of the images will be exactly the same.

Many screens will have special text in a yellow highlight (like this). These are instructions or specials notes for demo users only.

To get the most realistic demonstration, you need to be able to see and work with the documents the way you will once you've registered. To do that, you'll need to install software that can display the image format used for the documents. This format is the TIFF format.

Although you can still do the demo without doing this install, the power of the TIFF viewer is truly something you should experience. Besides, the install takes less than a minute so please, install the TIFF viewer.

Enjoy your browsing and then please let us know what you thought (both positive and negative) or contact us so we can answer any questions you may have.